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Great baby names with even better nicknames



Nickname: Rory

You likely know the nickname Rory from the television show Gilmore Girls (it was the name of Alexis Bledel’s character). In that case, it was short for Lorelai, but we love it as the shortened version of the popular name Aurora, which comes from a Latin word meaning “dawn.” Rory is so cute that actress Melora Hardin gave it to her daughter as a first name (but we’re still crushing on the Rory/Aurora combo).



Nickname: Belle

With the gorgeous new version of Beauty and the Beast having recently made its debut, it’s obvious why we’re pushing for Belle. We especially like it as the nickname for Annabelle, meaning “loving.” Celebrities like it too—Bruce Willis and Demi Moore gave their daughter Tallulah the moniker for a middle name.



Nickname: Evie

Evie with a long e is cute for a baby and will be much more sophisticated as a girl grows up. French names are having a moment, so we think it’s a great shortened version of the name Genevieve, from a French word translating to “tribe woman.” Evie has been a popular first name for girls for the past few years in England—the Brits seem to be keen on using nicknames as first names—and now we can see why.



Nickname: Poppy

This pretty name is part of the current floral-inspired trend. We like Poppy as a nickname for Penelope, from the Greek word meaning “weaver.” Poppy is currently most famous as the first name of the charming middle Delevingne sister—it’s just a little bit quirky and a whole lot of cool.



Nickname: Tris

We got a little help from the Divergent book series and movies with this one. The fearless main character, Beatrice, goes by the name Tris, and we think it’s the perfect modern twist on an old-fashioned name. Beatrice comes from a Latin word meaning “she who brings happiness.” Tris makes us pretty happy too.



Nickname: Ash

Although you’ve most likely heard this nickname for girls, it’s the new boys name in town. Ash has been described as having a real Southern charm, and it’s totally true. It’s a great shortened version of the name Asher, which is gaining real popularity lately (it comes from a Hebrew word meaning “fortunate, blessed, happy one”).



Nickname: Jax

If Jax isn’t a real rocker name, then we don’t know what is. It reminds us of a fresh take on Jagger, which has certainly had quite a moment in the spotlight. We like Jax as a nickname for the more traditional Jackson, coming from an English word meaning “son of Jack.” Actress Garcelle Beauvais named her son Jax Joseph, but we’re still pushing for Jax as a nickname.



Nickname: Bas

Calling all Gossip Girl fans… Is this adorable nickname also giving you real Chuck Bass vibes? It’s equal parts posh and bad boy, and we can’t get enough. It’s a great shortened version of the name Sebastian, meaning “person from ancient city of Sebasta.” Bas is actually a city in the Netherlands, so it’s an extremely popular name there (it’s already hit the top 10 for boys).



Nickname: Lex

This is especially cute for parents living in Manhattan because of the connotations it has with Lexington Avenue (it’s referred to by locals simply as “Lex”). Lex is an edgy, shortened version of the name Alexander, which comes from a Greek word meaning “defending men” (insert Alexander the Great reference here). Both of these names are strong and have tons of character, making them easy to fall in love with.



Nickname: Tru

It’s hard not to automatically associate this nickname with truth and integrity. In fact, writer Truman Capote is rumored to have gone by the nickname Tru himself. Truman comes from an English word meaning “loyal one” and was most popular the year that Harry Truman succeeded FDR as president.