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Here's our list of things that we planning and writing lists for this month:
  1. Holiday cards.  Scheduling a photo shoot, organizing the outfits, updating the address list from last year and managing expectations.  A little planning allows us to write holiday cards at a slower pace rather than a frenetic obligation.  Make a cup of tea.  Write two at a sitting or 10.
  2. Make ahead freezer and slow cooker meals.  As the pace of December picks up, we love having some easy meals stored in our freezer.  One of our favourite new hacks this year is prepping all ingredients for a slow cooker meal and freezing them in a extra large freezer bag.  Hello fresh curries and good bye casseroles. 
  3. Packing lists.  Taking my time, thinking it through and putting a packing list together in my google drive that I can access from the drugstore.  And checking if any specialty items like ski boots or flip flops fit while I still have time to shop around.

Best Hallowe'en Baby Costumes

Best Hallowe'en Baby Costumes

We love, love, love Hallowe'en and few things are as fun and memorable as a good old homemade costumes.  Whether you sew, glitter glue or just assemble, here is a round up of some of our favourites.



Spark Joy

Whether or not any one in your household is going back to school, we think September is the perfect time to stop, reevaluate, start new routines and set new goals.

Think of what goals you would like to achieve by June and then give yourself permission to take the summer off - feeling accomplished and relaxed.

And to reward yourself (or help you on your way) with all this organizing, sorting and listing is Marie Kondo's lovely little three year journal to record those moments in your day that truly Spark Joy.